Rajakiiri – a Finnish wind power company

Our goal is to build onshore and offshore wind power in Finland. That way, our company contributes to the targets set out for Finland to increase renewable energy. We pay particular attention to the welfare of the residents, wildlife and environment near our wind farms and make an effort to minimise any disadvantages caused.

Rajakiiri is owned by Finnish energy and industrial companies. We supply our owners with electricity generated by wind power at cost price. Our shareholders are EPV Energy Ltd, Oy Katternö Kraft Ab and Outokumpu Oyj.

Completed projects
Röyttä in Tornio: onshore wind power project Puuska

Planned projects
Röyttä in Tornio: offshore wind power project Kiiri
Simo: onshore wind power project Seipimäki-Tikkala
Raahe: offshore wind power project Maanahkiainen